Peskadot - A Chamoru Warrior - Tulu (III)

onaga.jpg Onaga or the Queen of the Sea is a prize menu for the Sea Warriors. These gracious Sea Queens are caught in deep black waters over a 1000 feet with a "kotdet" or wild hibiscus fibers once used as traditional fishing lines. These fish are known for their jubilant array of bright red and orangish colors, along with their long extended tail tips. These fish are easily caught without struggle as they are pulled up from these great depths and are commonly served to all whom are luckily present.
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Unicorn or "tataga", is a local favorite by villagers. Our manamko' or elders enjoy especially it's internal organs which are usually filled with seaweed. In spite of its delicious taste when prepared properly with a cultural enhancer call 'Fina'denne', a sauce prepared with a variety of spicy ingredients well known to almost all Pacific Islanders.

sons.jpg (48393 bytes) Pictured is one of three young generation Sea Warriors who were trained early in a rite of passage to perpetuate the traditional skills of their father. They begin training as early as a year old by learning breathing techniques, ocean conditions, plant growth and animal behaviors attributable to the predictability of good weather and fishing conditions.  By the time they come of age, their young stamina and swiftness overtake the conditioning of their elders often surpassing the size of their catches.
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